Building Plans


The MatterPak™ Bundle is for architects, engineers, and construction professionals who want to import the 3D data into third-party programs (3ds Max, ReCap, Revit, or AutoCAD) to perform additional work and offer as part of a commercial package to their clients. For example:

  • Architects and engineers can use the point cloud (.XYZ) to jump-start their designs.

  • Construction professionals can use the ceiling plan and floor plan images for documentation/verification and building turnover packages, or use the point cloud as a part of the QA/QC process.

3D data is accurate to within 1% of reality. Ceiling plan and floor plan images contain a scale legend.



  • MatterPak™ combines 3D depth data with 2D visual data to create a textured 3D mesh file (OBJ). We sample the OBJ file to create the Dollhouse View in 3D Showcase.

  • An OBJ file lets 3D developers and VR enthusiasts to kickstart their projects with a 3D model of a real-world place.

  • It works on Maya, 3D Studio Max or Meshlab platforms. For Maya, you may need to convert the OBJ into an FBX file. If SketchUp is preferred, a plug-in will be needed to import OBJ objects.

  • The OBJ files have a scale of 1 unit = 1 meter. The scale can be updated in the 3D software to choose a different scale or scaling the model after loading.



  • For architecture, engineering, and construction purposes.

  • Open in Recap, Revit or AutoCAD and jump-start your as-built designs.

  • Fully automatic point cloud registration of all sweeps (setups).

  • Colorized based on the 360º panorama imagery and accurate to within 1% of reality.


  • For architecture, engineering, and construction purposes.

  • Get a quick top-down view of the job site and everything inside it.

  • Use in AutoCAD as a tracing element.

  • Open in 3ds Max, Maya, or other 3D software.

  • The floorplan is just a unique, orthogonal view of the 3D mesh. Make your own views/slices of the 3D mesh by manipulating the OBJ file yourself.


  • For architecture, engineering, and construction purposes.

  • Same as the high resolution floor plans, but a quick vertical view of everything on the ceiling.

  • See ventilation shafts, wiring, plumbing, insulation and more.

Measurements in MatterPak™ are generally accurate to within 1% of reality. For example, in a 10 ft (3 m) long room, measurements can vary within 1.2 in (3 cm) from actual.

Objects smaller than 1 in (2.5 cm) in any dimension may not appear. This also applies to very shiny or very dark objects since not enough light is reflected back to form a 3D mesh.



Save time and let us convert the Matterport to Autocad DWG file